Sunflower bakery kernels

Welcome to Enris Foods, your premier destination for premium Sunflower Bakery Kernels, packed with nutrition and flavor to elevate your production. .

At Enris Foods, we source only the highest quality sunflower kernels to ensure superior taste and freshness. Our kernels are carefully processed and packaged to preserve their natural goodness, delivering premium quality products that meet the highest industry standards.

Our sunflower bakery kernels are available in convenient packaging options, including big bags or 25 kg paper bags on EURO pallets, With our dedication to quality and excellence, our production is exclusively dedicated to serving the EU market, ensuring compliance with strict quality control measures and regulations.

We process sunflower seeds completely mechanically to store all the useful ingredients, including various vitamins, fibres, protein and unsaturated fats. Thus we achieve an excellent product – SUNFLOWER KERNELS, which have a solid structure, tempting and fresh aroma.We are reliable long-term partner of the local producers and international partners. Our seeds are known for their exceptional quality and taste.We use different delivery methods and we work with different payment terms with our clients.

We are certified in:

IFS Food 7, which addresses food safety and management of product quality in food manufacturing

ISO 22000:2005, which specifies requirements for  food safety management

FSSC 22000  –  a food safety certification scheme based on the existing internationally recognized standards